If I had one word to describe technology today, it would be"amazing." Take a minute and think about some of the amazing technology that most of us rely upon: automobiles, airplanes, cell phones, e-mail, the internet, television, DVDs, microwaves, etc. We could go on and on and consider how technology has impacted the fields of medicine, education, and finance, for example. But, let me get to the point. There is really only one stable thing about technology; that is, it's always changing! If one buys a computer, in a short span of time it will be obsolete because there will be improvements made in the model that comes out next month or year. Technology is continually changing in that it is becoming more and more complex, powerful, and efficient. That is what we expect in technology.

Can you even imagine what it would have been like to live, say, 300 years ago? Almost everything would be different. Your diet would be different. Your occupation would likely be different. Your hobbies would probably be different. Your home and daily routine would certainly be different. If you lived in the eighteenth century, you'd be living a completely different life. Of course, there is one aspect of life that has not changed--religion. While it is true that religion has benefited from technology in some ways (e.g., printing presses have made distributing Bibles easier, computers and the internet have made Bible research more efficient), that's not my point. All of those changes are superficial. What I mean is the Bible itself, God's word, has not changed at all! Technology is always improving and that which is old becomes obsolete and is replaced by new and better inventions. However, this has not happened to the Bible, and it never will. God's word will never become obsolete. It will never be improved upon. It will never be replaced by something better. These truths indirectly testify to the inspiration of the Bible. After all, if the Bible were just some literary work of men, certainly someone would have come up with something even better by now, but such is not the case.

Jude 3 says - "Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints." Since the close of the first century, the gospel message has been delivered, once for all time, to mankind. It will not be improved upon. It will not be supplemented with other teachings, covenants, or prophecies (the claims of some today not withstanding). The gospel will never become obsolete.

Technology is ever changing, but God's word remains the same. For this I am thankful. If I want to get the full benefit of computers, then I'll have to deal with technological advancements and upgrades. But praise be to God that I don't have to deal with such regarding His inspired word! To me, it doesn't matter what new religious book is on the bestseller list. It doesn't matter what new idea or worship practice is sweeping through the denominations. I know that the new bestseller will eventually be replaced by some other work of men. I know that the new ideas of today aren't really that new (Eccl. 1:9) and that they will be replaced by something else tomorrow.

Friends, no matter what happens tomorrow regarding changing technology and new ideas, God's word will always be there. I'd like to think that, if I lived hundreds of years ago, I would have made the same decisions religiously; that is, I would be a Christian striving to live faithfully according to the Bible to the best of my ability. I'd like to think that no matter when or where I lived, I still would have chosen to build my life on the secure foundation of God's word. But, what about you, dear listeners? What are you building your life on? Is God and His unchanging word your foundation, or is your life centered upon something less stable?