Justify Your Existence (Part 2)
Yesterday we considered the following quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw: "We should all be obliged to appear before a board every five years and justify our existence." We first contemplated the idea from a purely physical perspective. Most could justify their existence based on occupational skills or aid that they provide to others. However, there are some who would be challenged to give a logical rationale for why they should be allowed to continue living life in the manner they presently do.

Then we began examining the idea from a spiritual perspective. In a sense, all human life is justifiable on the basis that all are made in the image of God. But, beyond that truth, the vast majority of all people would be unable to give a defense justifying their continued existence. This is the case because the vast majority of the world is lost in sin (Matt. 7:13,14). They are confused as to the duty and purpose they were created for--namely, respecting and obeying God. Most, like the hypothetical Mr. A we considered yesterday, are "good, moral people," but they either don't believe in the God of the Bible or they don't put forth the effort to serve Him. God is longsuffering with these people, for the time being, even though He hates sin. Ultimately though, His patience will expire.

Let's now consider another hypothetical man. Let's call him Mr. B for believer. Mr. B is like Mr. A in many ways except Mr. B is a faithful Christian. Mr. B has obeyed the gospel and had his sins washed away. He is doing his best to live for the Lord. Does Mr. B commit sin? Indeed he does (I John 1:8). However, it grieves Mr. B when he does, and he repents of it, confessing it to the Father. From a physical perspective, Mr. A and Mr. B may appear to have much in common. But, spiritually they are worlds apart. Mr. B is endeavoring to fulfill the purpose God has given him in life; Mr. A is not. Mr. B has embraced God's forgiveness via the divinely prescribed terms; Mr. A has not. Mr. B is laboring to serve God with his life; Mr. A is serving himself. Consequently, Mr. B's life has purpose and is justifiable. However, Mr. A's life does not have God in the picture. Although this may sound harsh, in his present condition, Mr. A's life is worthless from an eternal perspective and therefore not logically justifiable.

Please don't misunderstand my point. I'm not suggesting that Mr. A take his life or that he be terminated or anything like that. I'm merely pointing out that much of what people see value and purpose in physically is worthless and ultimately pointless. There are a lot of Mr. A's out there. They need to submit to the Lord and adopt His purpose in their life. They need to change (Acts 17:30)!

Friends, make sure that you are not living life like Mr. A--without God. Such an existence is inexcusable (cf. Rom. 1:20). May we be like Mr. B (and Paul) in being able to affirm - "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain" (Phil. 1:21). Life was all about serving God for Paul, and he was not afraid of death because of the reward he knew it would bring. Do you share that perspective? What is the focus of your life? Is your existence pleasing to the Lord? Do not forget that God has different standards than men regarding what is valuable and acceptable to Him. Let's make sure we're always working to live up to His standards, not the standards of the world.