A Traveler's Guide to Heaven
Although I have yet to travel outside the borders of the United States of America, I am well aware that traveling to foreign countries does have a degree of complexity. For example, if I desired to travel to Asia to labor for the Lord as a missionary, I would need to plan for my departure ahead of time in numerous ways.

If I wanted my trip to go as smoothly as possible, I would be wise to plan for the following things (at the very least): (1) Making arrangements for my accommodations in advance, (2) Securing a valid passport, (3) Knowing exactly when my departure time was and taking measures to ensure that I will not be late, (4) Securing a valid flight ticket, (5) Carefully packing what I will need (especially proper clothing for the foreign climate) and not more than what the airline will allow me to take, (6) Investigating the laws regarding immigration for the country I'm planning to work in as a missionary, (7) Watching the weather reports if bad weather is expected and could potentially hinder my departure, (8) Getting a physical as well as any necessary shots or inoculations, and (9) Learning about the foreign country's currency and knowing how much money I will need to bring to convert.

It is likely that eventually I will travel outside my home country--perhaps regularly in the future. However, even if I didn't, there is an even more important journey that I am planning for and hope you are too--a one-way trip to heaven!

I want my trip to heaven to be a success and want to help others make it safely to that blessed abode. Thus, with that in mind, please consider this non-exhaustive list of things to plan for (you could call this "A Traveler's Guide to Heaven"):

Arrangements for heavenly accommodations must be made in advance. Heaven is a prepared place for God's prepared people (cf. John 14:2,3; Heb. 11:16). It is impossible to secure accommodations after death or after Jesus returns.

Those who seek to enter heaven will not be permitted past the gates without having proper credentials; their names must be registered with the ruling authority (i.e., written in the Lamb's Book of Life; Rev. 21:27).

The exact date of departure has not been announced and nor will it be. Travelers are advised to be prepared to leave immediately at any time (cf. I Thess. 5:2; I Cor. 15:52). Since booking is now open, your reservation should be made immediately, if you haven't done so already. If you wait until later, it may be too late (II Cor. 6:2).

Your "flight ticket" was purchased by a merciful friend named Jesus. It can only be claimed by obedience to Him (Heb. 5:8,9) and its promises should be kept firmly in hand at all times (John 5:24).

Packing one's luggage for heaven is simple. No luggage whatsoever can be taken (I Tim. 6:7), so no luggage needs to be packed! Those who hope to sneak a material possession into heaven will be sorely disappointed (for neither it nor they will make it). Those who are concerned about their clothing in the heavenly abode need not worry. A complete and appropriate new wardrobe is provided for each traveler (cf. Isa. 61:10).

All passengers traveling to heaven are classified as immigrants. They should consider themselves as pilgrims on this planet since they will soon take up permanent residence in a new country. The quota for heavenly immigrants is unlimited (I Tim. 2:4) though the top authority is only expecting a few to make the journey (Matt. 7:13,14).

Travelers will go directly by air and are advised to watch daily for indications of imminent departure (I Thess. 4:17; 5:6).

No injections are needed since there are no illnesses or diseases in heaven (Rev. 21:4).

Supplies of "treasures" may be forwarded to heaven to await the passenger's arrival. It is advised that you make deposits as large as possible (Matt. 6:20).

Friends, please do not consider these nine points to be a complete or authorized guide to heaven. To learn more, please consult the real traveler's guide--the Bible!