The Heart of the New Testament
Throughout the centuries, many preachers have correctly observed that the Old Testament proclaims: "Jesus is coming!", the accounts of the gospel declare: "Jesus is here!", and the remainder of the New Testament teaches: "Jesus is coming again!" That's a wonderful way to summarize the entirety of God's inspired word. It's all about Jesus really!

I'd like to share a related study at this time specifically pertaining to the New Testament books. It should be no surprise that Jesus is mentioned in essentially every New Testament book; after all, He is the heart of the Bible, especially the New Testament. I find it interesting that we can see different aspects of His work and nature in every New Testament book. Please consider the following with an open Bible:

The sum of these truths provides a wonderful description of just who Jesus was (and is). Let us be reminded of these glorious truths frequently and praise God accordingly!