Reflections for a New Year
Happy New Year! As one year ends, a new one begins. Those who are wise will reflect upon the recent past and plan for the days ahead. They will ask themselves questions such as:

There are certainly other questions that could be raised, but those ten should give all of us plenty to think about and consider. I encourage everyone to take some time right now to ponder these questions.

Additionally, I'd like to share a poem that relates to several of the questions above. It's entitled: "Too Busy."

Too busy to read the Bible;
Too busy to wait and pray;
Too busy to speak out kindly
To someone along the way.
Too busy with cares and struggles
To think of life to come;
Too busy building a mansion here
To plan for the heavenly home.
Too busy to help a brother
Who faces the winter's blast;
Too busy to share the burdens
When self in the balance is cast.
Too busy for all that is holy --
On earth beneath the sky;
Too busy to serve the Master --
But not too busy to die.

Although I do not know the author of the above poem, the message communicated therein is outstanding. There are many things in this life that are not wrong in and of themselves (e.g., working to provide for one's family, recreation, pursuing a hobby or interest, etc.). In fact, these things--and many others--are good when they are properly balanced in one's life (there is a time for everything - Eccl. 3:1-8). But, when we allow anything or anyone to interfere with our service to the Lord, then we've made a terrible mistake. God demands that we put Him first (cf. Matt. 6:33). We must put selfishness to death, take up our crosses, and follow Him and His example (cf. Matt. 16:24). We must live for Christ and not for self (cf. Gal. 2:20).

As the new year dawns, the reality is that this year will be the last year of life for over fifty million people on our planet. Will you be of that number or will you live to see many more years? Only the Lord knows the answer to that question. Let us love and serve the Lord as if each day was our last.