Are You Too Busy? (Part 4)
In our prior lessons we have noted that the problem of being "busy here and there" (I Kings 20:40) often leads to neglect or outright disobedience to spiritual duties imposed by God. Today let's focus our attention on the question:

Are you so "busy here and there" that you are neglecting the church?
The Lord's church is the most valuable institution on Earth because it cost Him His blood and He died to establish it (cf. Acts 20:28). But, how important is His church to us?

We show how important the church is to us in several ways:

Friends, how important is the church to you and your family? Be honest with yourself. Are you seeking first God's kingdom (the church) as Jesus commanded (cf. Matt. 6:33)?

If a church becomes stagnant in a community, what is the reason? There could be various explanations, but I would be surprised if a root cause didn't have something to do with the local Christians failing to be busy with the business of the Lord. Jesus died for the church and obviously loves her dearly, so let's make sure that we're not neglecting her because we are so "busy here and there" tending to our own affairs!

We will conclude this series in our next lesson.