Praying the Psalms: Psalm 70

To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David. To Bring to Remembrance.

1 Make haste, O God, to deliver me!
Make haste to help me, O Lord!

2 Let them be ashamed and confounded
Who seek my life;
Let them be turned back and confused
Who desire my hurt.
3 Let them be turned back because of their shame,
Who say, "Aha, aha!"

4 Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You;
And let those who love Your salvation say continually,
"Let God be magnified!"

5 But I am poor and needy;
Make haste to me, O God!
You are my help and my deliverer;
O Lord, do not delay.


Father, some days I feel as if I'm on top of the mountain and everything is going smoothly and according to plan in my life.
But, then there are days where I am in the valley and everything seems to go wrong.
On those days I feel the hatred of those who oppose me and those who watch for me to fail.

I pray for your deliverance, O God.
I beg for your mercy in my life.
I am nothing without You.
Protect me from those who have ill will against me.
Keep my heart pure and always mindful that vengeance belongs to you.

I rejoice in Your salvation, Almighty Lord!
I praise Your name continually, in both the easy days and the difficult ones.