1st Quarter 2008
(January, February, & March)

AE Website Statistics
  • Unique visits this quarter: 31,962
  • Average unique visits per day: 351
  • Page views this quarter: 65,896
  • Average page views per day: 724
  • Unique visits since January 2005: 236,391
  • Page views since January 2005: 430,081
  • Current number of e-mail subscribers: 600+
  • Current number of online archived lessons: 726
  • Number of CDs produced for free distribution this quarter: 1000+
  • Since November 2006, we have shipped CDs to 30 different states in America and 38 foreign countries.

AE Recent Feedback

Below are some excerpts from a few recent e-mails we have received:

"I am very happy to know about your audio evangelism and the material and I appreciate you for the great work you [are] doing for the Lord. I hope many preachers and churches around the world will be benifitted spiritually by your website. I also thank you for offering free CD's and may God Almighty bless you and your work" (G.J.Prabhu Doss, India).

"I am truly blessed by the daily e-mails. It is something I anticipate everyday. My favourite character in the Bible is Job. I was so excited when I got the e-mail on the introduction of the book. My question is: Will you be doing any follow up teaching on the book? I am looking forward for that. I have learnt so much from the introduction and would really like more understanding as you break it down so easy for me to understand. May God continue to bless you. Keep up the good work" (Nadine Campbell)

[Yes, Nadine, we hope to periodically have lessons from the book of Job over the course of 2008 and gradually study our way through the book. -- SRB].

"I received a small packet with audios from the Sermon on the Mount, and two more, thanks a lot. They are a good tool to share with people seeking [to] be Christian. God continues blessing overseas your ministry. Churches of Christ in Lima, Peru sending their love and prayers, thanks a lot" (Julio Valverde).

"I just wanted to thank you for your perseverance and the great site that you run" (Tony Vendetti).

"Thanks alot for the wonderful work of Christ you're doing. I enjoy your lessons" (Emah Idiong, Nigeria).

We'd love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a comment, question, or concern.

Review & What's Next
  • The 1st quarter of 2008 is long gone, and here we are finally getting around to creating this report. There are so many plans we have for this ministry that we hope to eventually implement, as time and money will permit. The following is just a small sample of the things we hope to do in future:

    • A special section of the site entitled: "Are You Saved?" with lessons focusing upon conversion to Jesus and how to become a New Testament Christian
    • The implementation of a new header
    • Many more free CD releases on a variety of themes
    • Advertising AudioEvangelism.com in brotherhood journals
    • Sending information packets to congregations of the Lord's Church throughout the United States

    The Lord has blessed this online effort richly in many ways, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve through this medium. Thank you for visiting AudioEvangelism.com regularly and studying God's word with us. Please tell others about this online work devoted to evangelism and edification. May we sow and water the seed together and pray for God to bring forth the increase to His glory!

  • We are still way behind on fulfilling CD requests, though we are making up some ground in this area. Our fourth CD release ("All About the Devil") is now available on our FREE CD request page and is ready for distribution. Our fifth CD release will hopefully be ready within the next several months ("The One, True Church").
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