2nd Quarter 2008
(April, May, & June)

AE Website Statistics
  • Unique visits this quarter: 46,414
  • Average unique visits per day: 510
  • Page views this quarter: 87,063
  • Average page views per day: 957
  • Unique visits since January 2005: 282,805
  • Page views since January 2005: 517,144
  • Current number of e-mail subscribers: 675+
  • Current number of online archived lessons: 767
  • Number of CDs produced for free distribution this quarter: 1000+
  • Since November 2006, we have shipped CDs to 32 different states in America and 38 foreign countries.

AE Recent Feedback

Below are some quotes from a few recent e-mails we have received:

"Thank you so much for the CDs I recieved. They are very good, may the good Lord bless you all" (Jackson Phiri, Zambia).

"It is refreshing to find [a] site that truly honors God's word" (James Baker).

"Greetings to you from India, we thank you for your good lessons" (Vijay Kumar).

"I have the CD set about Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. I'm on disc 3, and, thus far, the lessons are really encouraging. I've signed someone else up (a physically blind person) to receive the same CD set as well. Thank you" (Anthony Grigsby).

We'd love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a comment, question, or concern.

Review & What's Next
  • The 2nd quarter was a record-breaking one for Audio Evangelism. We averaged over 500 visitors to the site per day and also crossed a milestone: one-half million page views since our beginning!

  • A new header image is in the process of being implemented throughout the site. We believe this new image is a wonderful reminder of our Lord's commision to spread the gospel around the world. There are many other plans we have for this ministry that we hope to eventually implement, as time and money will permit (e.g., a special section of the site entitled: "Are You Saved?" with lessons focusing upon conversion to Jesus and how to become a New Testament Christian, many more free CD releases on a variety of themes, advertising the website in brotherhood journals, sending information packets to congregations of the Lord's Church throughout the United States, etc.). We are very thankful to individual Christians and also congregations of the church of Christ who have sent money to help us continue to produce and distribute audio CDs all over the world for free.

  • Due to a number of requests for such, our fifth CD release should be ready before the end of the year: "Husband & Wife for Life." We had planned to release a CD on "The One, True Church" but will delay that release until early 2009.

  • The Lord has blessed this online effort richly in many ways, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve through this medium. Thank you for visiting AudioEvangelism.com regularly and studying God's word with us. Please tell others about this online work devoted to evangelism and edification. May we sow and water the seed together and pray for God to bring forth the increase to His glory!
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