2nd Quarter 2010
(April, May, & June)

AE Website Statistics
  • Unique visits this quarter: 80,051
  • Average unique visits per day: 880
  • Page views this quarter: 148,387
  • Average page views per day: 1631
  • Unique visits since January 2005: 778,085
  • Page views since January 2005: 1,497,399
  • Current number of e-mail subscribers: 1121
  • Current number of online archived lessons: 1075+
  • Number of CDs produced for free distribution this quarter: 1800+
  • Since November 2006, we have shipped CDs to 46 different states in America and 74 foreign countries.

AE Recent Feedback

Below are some quotes from a few recent e-mails we have received:

"Just a note to express our deepest gratitude to you all for sending those wonderful Audio Evangelism CDs. We listen to all, shared with our members and the community. Thank you again. Keep up your great work." - R. Ramdeen (South Carolina)

"I am glad to inform you that a pack of CDs from Audio evangelism arrived today...Thank you so much. I am...a regular bible teacher out here. I had downloaded your entire website into my laptop and have shared it some preachers out here who own laptops. You are a powerful tool that the Lord has used in the vineyard so much that you may not know what your transcript are doing in our pulpits each Sundays." - M. Udam (Nigeria)

"I love your website. Even though I am a Church of Christ member I have learned a lot about various things. Praise GOD for your lessions!!!!" - D. Reed Sr (Virginia)

"I often refer to your articles in the archive files and have given your website to numerous people. It is very good. Thanks so much for all the work that goes into it." - R. Bonorden (Texas)

"I really thank God for this site it has helped me a lot." - R. Yeboah

We'd love to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a comment, question, or concern.

Review & What's Next
  • Our 7th CD release has been postponed indefinitely due to tight financial resources at the moment.

  • We are always looking for ways to improve AE as time will permit. One project in the works is an Audio Evangelism Bible Commentary. As regular visitors to the site already know, we often post textual studies of various books of the Bible. Currently, we have completed detailed studies in: Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Job, Jonah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Philippians, & James. We will begin a study in Acts soon. We hope to have a special place later this year where all of our textual lessons are organized by book (which should make them much easier to find). If the Lord wills, we would love to one day have detailed studies posted for every book of God's wonderful word!

  • The Lord has blessed this online effort richly in many ways, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve through this medium. Thank you for visiting AudioEvangelism.com regularly and studying God's word with us. Please tell others about this online work devoted to evangelism and edification. May we sow and water the seed together and pray for God to bring forth the increase to His glory!
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