Post Date MP3 File Lesson Title & Text Link
09.19.2018* Making a Difference
09.18.2018* The Parable of the Charitable Power Company
09.17.2018* The Second Coming of Christ
09.15.2018* Injuries and Sin
09.14.2018* Sleep When the Wind Blows
09.13.2018* Have You Thought About Your Soul?
09.12.2018* Determination
09.11.2018* True Love: Living for God
09.10.2018* True Love: The Crucified Christ
09.08.2018* True Love: From Cover to Cover (Part 2)
09.07.2018* True Love: From Cover to Cover (Part 1)
09.06.2018* Four Spiritual Laws
09.05.2018* What Attitude Do You Bring?
09.04.2018* Fence-Post Turtles
09.03.2018* Trees by the River

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* - Denotes a lesson from our archives.