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07.20.2019* What Does the Church Offer?
07.19.2019* What Are You Making?
07.18.2019* The Wooden Bowl
07.17.2019* Soul For Sale
07.16.2019* Religious Churn (Part 2)
07.15.2019* Religious Churn (Part 1)
07.13.2019 Preaching the Cross by Numbers (Part 3)
07.12.2019 Preaching the Cross by Numbers (Part 2)
07.11.2019 Preaching the Cross by Numbers (Part 1)
07.10.2019 Singing Liars
07.09.2019* The Price Paid
07.08.2019* Wealthy, Yet Poor
07.06.2019* Sodium & Chlorine
07.05.2019* Don't Neglect...
07.04.2019* Reflections for a New Year
07.03.2019* Just Enough Religion To Be Miserable
07.02.2019* The Eye of the Beholder
07.01.2019* Beyond Amazing
06.29.2019* Who is the Lord?
06.28.2019* When Are Children Ready for Baptism?
06.27.2019* The Need for a Good Father
06.26.2019* The Lukewarm Laodiceans
06.25.2019* Distractions
06.24.2019* I Have Never Known...
06.22.2019* Open Letter To My Christian Sisters
06.21.2019* God is Able
06.20.2019* Teach Your Children to Protect Themselves
06.19.2019* Ask For Help
06.18.2019* Are You Deceived?
06.17.2019* Think Positively
06.15.2019 Once Authorized, Always Authorized?
06.14.2019 Are You Redeeming the Time?
06.13.2019 Ashamed of the Gospel? No Way!
06.12.2019 Christian Duties
06.11.2019 Mr. Peabody's Apples
06.10.2019* Paul's Thanksgiving for Their Support
06.08.2019* Meditate on These Things
06.07.2019* The Peace of God
06.06.2019* Rejoice in the Lord Always
06.05.2019* Be of the Same Mind in the Lord
06.04.2019* The Angry Fence
06.03.2019* Pressing On Toward the Goal
06.01.2019* That I May Know Him
05.31.2019* Count Them as Rubbish
05.30.2019* Have No Confidence in the Flesh
05.29.2019* Not Tedious But Safe
05.28.2019* The Most Important Words
05.27.2019* Two Faithful Companions
05.25.2019* Blameless and Harmless Children of God
05.24.2019* Work Out Your Own Salvation
05.23.2019* Obedient to the Point of Death
05.22.2019* Develop the Mind of Christ
05.21.2019* Esteem Others as Better Than Yourself
05.20.2019* The Heavenly Perspective (Part 2)
05.18.2019* The Heavenly Perspective (Part 1)
05.17.2019* I Rejoice as Christ is Preached
05.16.2019* The Fruits of Righteousness
05.15.2019* Paul's Salutation to the Church at Philippi
05.14.2019* An Introduction to the Book of Philippians
05.13.2019* Lessons from a Prostitute
05.11.2019* Follow the Instructions
05.10.2019* Strength in Numbers
05.09.2019* Five Steps From Man to God
05.08.2019* Five Steps From God to Man
05.07.2019* Five Steps Through Time
05.06.2019* Once Saved, Not Necessarily Always Saved
05.04.2019* Some Qualities in Torment That Should Also Be in the Church
05.03.2019* The Stranger We Took In
05.02.2019* What God Has Joined Together...
05.01.2019* A Promise of God

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