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10.24.2014* For Which Good Work Do You Stone Me?
10.23.2014* I and My Father Are One
10.22.2014* Sabbath Day Hypocrisy
10.21.2014* Are You a Mary or a Martha? (Part 3)
10.20.2014* Are You a Mary or a Martha? (Part 2)
10.18.2014* Are You a Mary or a Martha? (Part 1)
10.17.2014* The Good Samaritan
10.16.2014* One Flock and One Shepherd
10.15.2014* I Am the Good Shepherd
10.14.2014* I Am the Door of the Sheep
10.13.2014* The Shepherd's Voice
10.11.2014* Fear or Faith? (Part 3)
10.10.2014* Fear or Faith? (Part 2)
10.09.2014* Fear or Faith? (Part 1)
10.08.2014* Go, Wash, & See (Part 2)
10.07.2014* Go, Wash, & See (Part 1)
10.06.2014* Before Abraham Was, I AM
10.04.2014* Your Father is the Devil (Part 2)
10.03.2014* Your Father is the Devil (Part 1)
10.02.2014* The Truth Shall Make You Free
10.01.2014* You Will Die in Your Sins
09.30.2014* I Am the Light of the World
09.29.2014* The Woman Caught in Adultery
09.27.2014* No Man Ever Spoke Like This Man!
09.26.2014* The Prophet and the Christ
09.25.2014* Come to Me and Drink
09.24.2014* A Little While Longer
09.23.2014* Is This Truly the Christ?
09.22.2014* Why Do You Seek to Kill Me?
09.20.2014* My Doctrine is Not Mine
09.19.2014* Not to Destroy But to Save
09.18.2014* Show Yourself to the World
09.17.2014* Forgiving Others
09.16.2014* If Your Brother Sins Against You...
09.15.2014* Fire, Salt, Sheep, & Angels

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